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Guided day trip in the largest cobblestone cave in Blekinge

Mondays during July and August

(You can book your own days all year round, in case these predetermined days would not fit.)

"Original tour" with crawling and climbing in the cave, climbing on a cliff, descending from the mountains and climbing on ropes with so-called SRT technology. An awesome and complex experience you will tell for a long time! You take with you your own outdoor lunch.

Suitable for children from approx. 10 years. Groups with younger children are welcome to book their own tours as we tailor the tour to them.

We will meet at 10.30 in Kallinge at the church. From here we try to interact. Parking in the forest is limited. After a walk of about ½ km we are at the caves. Here we put on overalls, helmets with lamps, gloves and the adventure can begin.

The cave is sometimes crowded, other times airy with the risk of long falls. Carelessness can lead to serious injury. Our guide will show and explain the technology and will rig the fuse where needed.

We usually finish between noon. 15.00-17.00.

The duration of the tour depends on the size of the group, how much help the participants need, the weather conditions, etc.

Larger groups are divided among several guides.

Upholstery: comfortable casual clothes that you can move around in freely. We have protective overalls that suit normal builders from 160cm to 200cm. Shorter, or longer people should bring their own uncomfortable clothes to crawl in. On your feet you should have sneakers, boots, or rubber boots. In the rain, the road to the cave can be quite wet and the rocks slippery.

Book early to get a place.

PLEASE NOTE: you can book your own days all year round, in case these predetermined days would not fit.