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Sea kayak - guided experience

Guided sea kayaking experience in the Karlshamn archipelago

Day trip - predetermined dates (You can book your own tours in case these predetermined dates would not fit.)

Karlshamn's archipelago is part of the Blekinge Biosphere Reserve. When we paddle in this vibrant archipelago with cozy fishing villages, lush islands with grazing sheep and cows, it is hardly believed that the area was not completely closed and monitored by the military for so long.
We start in Matvik and cruise around among the islands with the view set to Tärnö, the outermost island of the archipelago. The weather and the participants' ability determine if we manage to get all the way out. We bring lunch to be flexible and take the day as it comes.

Children from 12 years can paddle in their own kayak. Smaller children can accompany two-man kayaks with an adult.

The tour ends around noon. at 16.00

Price 1395kr / person

Offering: at least 2 paying adults, youth / children participate in their own kayak for SEK 800 and 1 child under 10 years free in two-person kayaking.

Preliminary dates: Sunday 4/9