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Caving, climbing and crawling

in the largest block stone caves in southern Sweden!

Guided tours with some of the most experienced cave explorers in Sweden

Caving is a unique adventure that puts both your courage and strength to the test.

You will crawl in the caves, climb on the rock, descend the rope and enjoy the beauty of the Swedisch forest.

An experience you carry with you for a long time.

Everyone with normal fitness are welcome. It's a perfect option for the company, group of friends or the family with children.

We customize the trip after your wishes, needs and abilities.

The tour

Crawling and climbing in the cave, climbing on cliff, descend the rope and climbing on rope with the so called SRT-technique.

Bring your own lunch. We eat in the woods by the caves.

Is suitable for children from the age of 10.



You are welcome to our excursions with a predetermined date:

Wednesdays during July and August for a special price.

All special equipment included, you only bring your own picnic and wear casual clothes.

Site: Ronneby county, Blekinge