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Climbing in Blekinge, South of Sweden

We arrange guided climbing tours and courses for beginners. Come by yourself or with a group of friends, or your family.

Climbing is both exciting, tough and relaxing. Your mind has to be sharp and you have to focus on what happens here and now.

With the help and support of our educated and qualified guides you will learn the basics of rock climbing, both regarding safety and climbing techniques. Our guides have many years of experience in climbing, both from working with it and doing it for fun on a free day!

We have arranged climbing excursions since 1992, and know every rock, stone and cliff in the area that is worth to pay a visit to.

Day tour


In a day tour you will climb on routes with different difficulty levels, abscend down the rock and learn how to secure each other.

Book a private tour in April - October

Site: 10 km E of Karlshamn in Blekinge


Families with children are welcome.

All special equipment are included, you only take your own picnic with you.