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White water kayaking

in Mörrum River, Blekinge, South of Sweden

White water Kayaking

is thrilling, adventurous and a good exercise! We arrange guided tours and courses in the Mörrum River in the region Blekinge. White water kayaking is one of our most popular activities since our start in year 2000.

It suits everyone that is over 12 years of age or older, knows how to swim and has no fear of water. It is also a good activity on rainy days, which we have a lot of in Sweden!

The Mörrum River is one of the best places suitable for kayaking in an area of over 600 kilometres, and it is also an excellent place for fishing salmon. If you're fond of both activities, you are perfectly able to do them both in one day!

The activity is suitable most for beginners, but it's fun even for the experienced wave-rider!

Wetsuit and all special equipment is included.

You only take lunch with you.

Book your own course in April - Juni, or participate in one of our courses with predetermined dates.

White water kayaking is suitable for:

groups with up to 10 people
a family with children from 12 years or older
everyone with normal fitness
people with no experience of kayaking but with swimming skills
people that are not afraid of water

We customize the activity after your wishes and abilities.
Just let us know and we will do our best to find a good solution for your needs!

Day tours

Site: Hemsjö, Olofström county, region of Blekinge

The tour begins with a lesson in kayaking: how to paddle in flat water, get in and out of backwater, rescue exercises and more. After lunch we paddle a distance of 5 km. All special equipment is included. Bring your own food with you.

White water kayaking course

The duration of our courses is two days. We teach you all you need to know about white water kayaking, the equipment and the safety. After the course you and your company will be able to paddle in rapids in up to difficulty level 2, 3.